The Hope
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The Hope Offering Declaration

  1. Our giving builds a home that tells people, You belong here.
  2. Our giving says that we are the one who will make a difference.
  3. Our giving is generous because God is worthy of our best.
  4. Our giving goes a long way because people are worth it.

Tithe & Offering

Thank you for your generosity, your giving is helping more people to hear the good news of Jesus Christ
and to live a life filled with hope because we believe people are worth it.

Tithe & Offering


If you need an annual tax receipt, please ask our ushers for an offering envelope. Please fill out your details and place your offering inside before dropping it into the offering bag as it comes around

Credit Card

Giving via credit card (single or regular transaction) * For amounts over 10,000NT, please use bank transfer.*

Bank transfer

Giving via wire transfer, click here for information

Bank transfer
Bank number: 013 Cathay United Bank
Account number: 032-03-500953-1
Account name: The Hope 社團法人國際基督教合盼協會
Bank: Cathay United Bank Tung Men Branch
Overseas bank transfer details – non-NTD
Account number:032-08-704567-5

Account name:THE HOPE

Bank Address: No. 9, Sec.3, XIN-YI Road, Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Please fill out this form after you’ve made a wire transfer for our finance department to get started on your end-year receipt.


How many ways of online giving are available?

We offer credit card, Taiwan domestic and international transfer. If you are overseas, we recommend giving through international transfer or credit card. Click “Online Offering Systems” for more information


Can’t remember username and password?

If you’ve forgotten your username, please email If you forgot your password, please click “Forgot Password” at the login page to reset your password.


I filled out the form but it says “incorrect information”

If a required field isn’t filled out, it will automatically move you back to the required field. See an example below:

When will I get my receipt after I have given an offering?

We will have the annual receipt for the previous year ready every February. You will be able to download your receipt. An electronic receipt can be used for taxation purposes. If your company requires a receipt at an earlier date, please email us at with the full name of organization and amount.


Where and how can I download my receipt?

Log into the Online Offering System and click download receipt from the upper menu bar. Enter your name and phone number then your receipt should be available for download and print.


What does it mean to upload a receipt to the National Taxation Bureau?

If you have selected “upload receipt to the National Taxation Bureau,” the donor can automatically download donation details from the Bureau when filing taxes next year. If you did not select the option, the donor must submit a physical copy of the receipt when filing taxes in order to obtain tax reduction.


What do I do when the page fails to load when giving with a credit card?

We recommend using IE11 or newer, Firefox, or Google Chrome as your browser. If not, try cleaning the cache and cookie in your browser, steps are as follows:

If the browser used is Google Chrome

If the browser used is Safari


What credit cards are accepted?

The cards accepted are VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and UnionPay

Why didn’t my credit card go through?

There are a number of reasons why authorization fails: your browser is not up to date, credit card information is incorrect, or an overdraft on the card can all lead to an authorization error. We recommend that you take a screenshot and email it to us so we can assist you.


When will my credit card be charged if I’ve set a fixed payment monthly?

The billing date for fixed payment is every month on the 20th

I entered incorrect information when I was setting up my credit card fixed payment, how can I modify it?

To protect the credit card holder, if you need to modify any information, please email us with your name, email, and donation amount, so we can assist you.


How do I cancel the fixed payment on my credit card?

To protect the credit card holder, if you need to modify any information, please email us with your name, email, and donation amount, so we can assist you.


What’s the difference between a Taiwanese domestic and overseas transfer account?

A Taiwanese domestic account only accepts NTD; an overseas account can only accept non-NTD currencies. Please be sure to select the correct account, as the wrong currency will not be accepted.

Must I fill out the form after I have made a transfer?

We encourage you to fill out the form, so our finance department can keep track of your offerings and prepare for your annual receipt.


What do I do if I still have questions?

Please email us at with any questions