Faith is a lifelong journey

Let us grow both in our wisdom and knowledge of God

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Do you ever wonder what it means to be a Christian and how do you live like one?

If so, we invite you to sign up for Seek to discover these answers.


Seek Advanced

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Do you know that God has an even more wonderful plan for your life?

Seek Advanced will help you to know God deeper and help your life to become a blessing for more people.


Download the Bible App

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Enjoy a better devotional experience.

better together
Better Together

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Find out how we build a church where people find a sense of belonging, where people can grow together.


give me 5
Give Me 5

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Here are 5 healthy growth mindsets to help you grow in your trust in God.



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Every “detour” is an opportunity to reroute back towards God.

Make Your Spirit Stronger

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Let us learn these 3 principles from the Bible, and be strong in our mind, body and spirit.

Sex, Love and Relationship

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It’s not about finding the “right person”, but preparing ourselves to be that “right person”.


in God we trust
How to become a person that God trusts

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In this plan, we will learn how to trust God with our finances and become a person that God can trust.



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Learn the three core identities that Jesus has redeemed for our sake. Align with the will of God and let us build a Church for Jesus.


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God allowed us to “imagine”, not for us to zoom in on worries, but to allow us to dream with God.


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We seem to have a lot of freedom in this world, yet our hearts still feel bound. Let us refresh our knowledge of the important biblical characteristics and experience freedom founded in truth.


the making of a king
The Making of a King

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How many more trials do we have to go through before reaching our dreams? Let us take a step on this journey with God before arriving at the promised land.