About Us

Statement of Belief

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The Trinity

believe in one eternal God who is the Creator of all things. He exists in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

They are three distinct Persons but of the same substance, and are equal in power, authority, and honor

The Father

God is a good Father who is loving, compassionate, faithful to His people and His promises

Jesus the Son of God

Jesus Christ the Son of God, is completely human and completely God. He lived a perfect sinless life and is the only One who can reconcile us back to God. He did so by dying on the cross in our place and rose to life to give us a new life.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit dwells in every believer to assure us of our relationship with Jesus Christ. The Believers are to be filled with the Holy Spirit constantly, who empowers us in sanctification and enables us with spiritual gifts to minister.

The Bible

The Bible is the Word of God. it is accurate, authoritative, and applicable to our daily lives.


Sin has separated us from God, and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection provided the only way to restore our relationship with God. When we place our faith in His act of grace, we are saved. Salvation is a gift from God and cannot be earned through our own efforts.

The Church

The Church is a community of believers committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and making disciples of nations. It is a home for people to belong and to be discipled to become more like Jesus

At The Hope, we believe that


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You Belong here

You are welcome to make this place your home. Come as you are, there is a place for you here.

We are the One

We are contributors not consumers. We are the ones who will roll up our sleeves and build this home together.

God is worthy of our best

God gave us His all so we refuse to give Him anything less. Our excellence honors God and inspires people.

People are worth it

As long as there is one person who doesn’t know Jesus, there is work left to do.

Lead Pastor

Peter Wan

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The Hope doesn’t just exist for Christians, but for all those who don’t know Christ yet!”

Pastor Peter grew up in Toronto, Canada and received his Masters of Divinity at Oral Roberts University in America. He responded to the calling of God to win souls in Taiwan, so he returned to Taiwan with his wife more than 10 years ago to begin his ministry. Now leading The Hope to become a cultural center in the city, exercising bilingualism, through leadership training touching many lost souls, leading them back to God’s home and bringing forth blessings and influence to Taiwan’s cities.