Building Our Future With Hope


Because of the love for this land and the people here, The Hope was born in January 2019. We exist to reach and guide people into a growing relationship with Jesus. So here we are, in Taiwan, building our home.

Pastor’s Letter


Because people are worth it

When I first started pastoring, I served under a wonderful man named Pastor Gregg in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. The church we pastored had a mission to reach the homeless and the poorest people of our city.

Each Sunday, I would be in charge of cooking  scrambled egg breakfast for over 100 homeless people. Usually when you are cooking for that many people, you would use powdered eggs.

However, that was not how Pastor Gregg envision the church. He didn’t want a church that only did the easy thing. He wanted a church that cares for people. He said “even though we don’t have a lot of money as a church, we can at least afford real eggs. So let’s do our best to bless these people. The reason? Because people are worth it.”

It’s been more than ten years since I’ve learned that valuable lesson. And this has become a core value behind all that I do. And this is what our church, The Hope, is all about.

We are here to reach and guide people into a growing relationship with Jesus. The cost is often high, and the work is never easy. But people are worth it.


This is why we are starting a new capital campaign called FORWARD that will help us raise enough funds to rent and renovate a new home for The Hope. Imagine our own place to host our Sunday Hope Experiences. Imagine a place big enough for all our events and group gatherings throughout the week. Imagine a place for our youth to hang out and our community to enjoy. This is not about a building. It is about building people. FORWARD is all about reaching more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing hope to their lives.

Let us go forward together into the future. Let us create that future with hope.

Yours truly,


Their Stories



“If someone who doesn’t even know me can fly from the other end of the world to find me, my weekly commute doesn’t make a big deal at all."



“Home means to me going back to a place where I know there are people there to support and love me no matter what. So I don't have to be afraid of who I am."



"Starting from The Hope, we build a home, where you can feel Jesus is with us."



"My home is an amazing place that we need to let more people know about it, and it starts with me."



"Building our Sunday service venue from scratch moves me because we are building a home for more people to have a place to come back."

Funding Goal
30 million NTD
Before 31st August 2020

12/1-10/16 Funding Progress
*The progress bar will be updated weekly

Reach 80% funding by 30th June 2020
Accomplish the funding goal by 31st August 2020

Ways To Give


Via Credit Card

For giving via credit card, please click on the button and fill in your giving details.
*For amounts over 100,000NT, please use bank transfer.


At Church

Place your offering in the Forward envelope and fill up your details clearly before dropping it into the offering bag as it comes around.


Bank Transfer

To use bank transfer for your overseas giving, please use the following transfer information.


Prayer Request

  • Goals

    Accomplish raising 30 million NTD by 8/31/2020.

  • Location search

    Ask God to lead us to find a building that is suitable for gathering more than 300 people which can create the best environment for families and different age groups of people.

  • A Church Of Unity

    Through Forward, we pray for a breakthrough in every Hope family members who participate in this campaign with us.

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