Peter and Peggy

Lead Pastors of The Hope
Welcome to The Hope!

We are passionate about God, about people, and about life. This is why we are so glad you are planning to visit us. I know things can be a bit overwhelming when visiting a church for the first time. You can be assured that you will be surrounded by genuinely loving people at The Hope who are ready to help you get connected.

With love,
Pastor Peter and Peggy
Let Us Know You're Coming!

Our teams are here to help. Fill up this form before you make your way to church so that we can identify you and help you get the best out of our Hope Experience.

What is Hope Experience?

Hope Experience is an event where we gather together to sing songs, listen to a thought-provoking and engaging message based on the Bible, and pray with one another. It is a place where you can meet friendly people who are here to help connect you to this faith community.


Our Hope Experiences are approximately 90 minutes long.